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MERE Service company has earned its reputation in marine electronic service area on the qualified technical examination and professional correctness basis.

The basis of the company's activity is providing the ship owner and the ship builder with a complex maintenance which includes supply, installation and repair of radio communication devices, GMDSS equipment, radars, logs, echosounders and navigation tools including gyrocompasses, satellite communication systems and electronic chart systems.

The modern shipping requires a professional approach to the exploitation and service of devices and systems, - MERE Elektonic staff is ready to use its experience and skills for performing shipping safety tasks taking into consideration recomendations and demands of marine specialists.

The installed eqipment is thoroughly selected from the wide rande of devices offered by the modern market, using reliability requirements, reasonable pricing and optimal operational factors as the choice criteria for each device. MERE Electronic develops technical documentation and project, performs necessary testing in working conditions.

Dealer relationships with leading marine equipment manufacturers allow us to perform periodical training of company specialists corresponding to updating of produced devices on one side. On the other side, these relationships guarantee the financial benefits directly for the customer.

Using its situation - the territory of Baltic Ship Repairers Yard the company can use a dynamic approach to the ship repair question in plant / dock conditions - the coordinated work planning.

The company has a warehouse of spair parts, large ammount of these parts are produced in Russia; there is also working used equipment.

MERE Service is experienced in producing ready to use fully integrated captain's bridges and GMDSS consoles, profiled for different sailing areas.

It is possible to integrate the equipment into existing control panels observing all the necessary farmalities for the Register approval.

Our work is based on many years of service works and installation of the equipment of such companies as:



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