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TRANSAS company - the world's biggest producer of marine navigation systems. TRANSAS owns the largest collection (more than 10000) of marine navigational electronic charts which are certified and fit with ISO-9001 standard. Charts are updated on regular basis, the updates can be downloaded from Transas website. Transas navigation systems can satisfy the most exacting user: they are used by Navys and frontier troops of such countries as USA, UK, Russia, Sweden. Chart systems are distinguished by rich functionality, effective and considered user interface, highest reliability in the most different conditions.


Mere Service offers the whole range of TRANSAS products:

  • TSUNAMIS 99 - the chart system which is designed for yachts and boats; combines most of basic functions and small price.

  • NAVI-SAILOR OFFICE - designed for chart viewing and route tracking outside the ship (no sensor connection)

  • NAVI-FISHER - developed scpecially for use by fishing boats, provides an effective performance of fish search tasks.

  • NAVI-SAILOR 2400 - the main full scale version for use by ships of any type. (not sold anymore, but Mere Service provides full support for this version)

  • NAVI-SAILOR 2500 - the software product for the most demanding user; has many additional  possibilities (like radar picture overlay).

  • NAVI-SAILOR 3000 - Transas latest development which owns great flexibility and significant improvements in chart representation.

  • NAVI-HARBOUR - meant for use by port services for solving supervision, piloting and safety tasks.

  • WEATHER WIZARD - the program for getting weather conditions and weather forecasting.

  • NAVI-RADAR - radar console software analogue. Works together with radar processor. Has all console features and even more. At the same time it is momre compact and cheaper than the console.

  • NAVI-CONNING - software bridge conole. When it's connected to ships sensors it represents an effective tool for analisys and ship control. In combination with NAVI-SAILOR and radar processor this product transforms into full value smart integrated bridge system.


In addition there is a whole range of the additional equipment for chart systems:

  • Computer radar processor (PCI card) with the possibility of automatic target capturing and automatic filtration from the static objects.

  • NAVTEX message receiver with an automatic message binding to the chart.

  • AIS, an Automatic Identification System, which allows to identify ships that are near to own ship and to exchange text messages. In the nearest future this system will be obligatory for use on all ships.

Mere Service company has experience in complex bridge equipment installation using professional marine computer solutions which correspond to marine and military standards and using TRANSAS software products. Before installing we carefully plan the solutions taking customer's demands into account.


TRANSAS also produces professional marine simulators. These are:

  • Bridge simulators. Basic usage: common ship control, ARPA/radar, ECDIS/electronic chart systems, fishing, piloting, military simulators including surface vessels, submarines, helicopters and speed boats.

  • Engine room simulators. Realistic control of vessel engines.

  • Tanker simulators. Designed for training of staff which is responsible for liquid cargo transportation on tankers.

  • GMDSS simulators. For training and certifying usage of radio equipment.

Simulators are produced in the wide range, from nonexpensive software simulators that can be installed on the personal computer to full scale which are a copy of a ship bridge, starting with control tools and ending with sea picture which is projected onto large circle screens.

You can get more detailed information on TRANSAS website:

















Navi-Sailor 2500




















Full route simulator of the vessel bridge.



Navy simulator.

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