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German concern Deutz was founded by Otto and Benz - the oldest in the world manufacturers of engines, and is the biggest in the world independent  manufacturer of diesel engines. Today the company produces engines with power from 4,5 to 7400 kW. These are:

  • Diesel generators 4,5 kW 6400 kW;

  • Pumps;

  • Compressors;

  • Construction engines;

  • Diesel engines for automobiles, ships, boats, locomotives;

  • Gas engines for industrial facilities;

  • Gas thermoelectric power stations 150 kW 3600 kW no Lim.

Deutz engines are characterized by:

  • excellent technical data;

  • well considered concept;

  • european quality of production;

  • high reliability thanks to minimal number of components and details;

  • minimal fuel consumption and minimal exhaust of foul gases in accordance with roughest environmental requirements;

  • optimal equipment with current technology, protection and control systems;

  • easy installation and service;

  • long life;

  • prices that can satisfy any consumer;


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