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Mere Elekroonik company has been on the market since year 1993 and is performing ship repair and service works.


1. Repair of marine diesel engines.


Company performs marine diesel engines' repair works. Engines can be repaired with unshipping and on board, but always with highest quality and in time. The company is cetified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and by Maritime Administration. Service center is situated on Russian-Baltic Shipyard's territory (BSR Group) in Tallinn, Estonia, and is providing the whole work package for marine engines with the possibility of departure to objects outside Estonia. The company represents the leading manufacturer of diesel engines - "DEUTZ" concern with "DEUTZ", "DEUTZ MWM", "DEUTZ KHD" trademarks in Estonia and is authorized dealer of this concern. Its service center settles the questions related to exploitation, service works, spare parts, new engines and diesel generators.


2. Repair and tuning of marine automatics.


Mere Service repairs and tunes engine and diesel generator control systems, remote automatic control systems, emergency alert signaling systems, fire signaling systems, ship automatics, electrical shields and ship control panels.


2. Repair and tuning of marine radio navigational equipment.


Mere Service repairs and tunes GMDSS equipment, echosounders, logs, gyrocompasses, radars, electronic chart systems.

We are looking forward to a good productive cooperation!


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